• Prospection and assessment of new technology-based opportunities.
  • Identification of technical and commercial hurdles, and search for alternatives.
  • Patent searches, freedom to operate studies, new patent establishment and workarounds existing patents
  • Project guidance, with emphasis on the identification and development of patentable and marketable products.
  • Identification of public and private financial sources for RD&I projects.
  • Support to technology licensing and transfer.
  • Development, monitoring and repositioning of RD&I projects.
Specialized Services:
  • Patent writing and technical advice on patents and patent nullity proceedings.
  • Advice on writing and reviewing regulatory documents and research protocols
  • Querying of experts and regulatory agencies in order to obtain opinions, official reports and depositions.
  • Research of commercial databases and international sources, with focus on the state-of-the-art techniques
  • Identification of suppliers, manufacturers and service providers.
  • Active search of licensing and co-development partners.
  • Technical translation services.
  • Research of technologies and their state-of-the-art.
  • Patentability and freedom to operate studies.
  • Sources of RD&I financing and practical aspects of proposal development for funding agencies.


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