Henry Jun Suzuki
    Axonal Consultoria Tecnológica Founding Partner and General Director, Holder of Chair nº 2 of the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Brazil, member of the Advisory Council of FORTEC - National Forum of Innovation and Technology Transfer Managers, member of ABPI - Brazilian Association of Intellectual Property and of member the OAB-SP Intellectual Property Commission.

    He is a Pharmaceutical-Biochemist from FCF-USP, with graduate degree in Business Administration from ESPM. He is also an inventor, with patents granted in several countries and award-winning creations recognized in Brazil and abroad. Throughout his career he has carried out hundreds of patentability, freedom to operate and technology landscape studies. It also supported important innovation projects and acted directly on its intellectual protection strategies, including, but not limited to drafting and crafting patents.

    Since 2011, he has dedicated himself to disseminating knowledge about innovation and intellectual property, with courses and workshops in all 27 federative units in Brazil, in partnership or at the invitation of renowned universities and research institutes, as well as organizations such as WIPO, ABPI, ABAPI, ANPEI, FORTEC, among others.

    Some of the awards and recognitions that he accumulates are the Medalha Mérito Científico Farmacêutico (ACFB), the Comenda do Mérito Farmacêutico Paulista (CRF-SP), the Brazil Design Awards (Brazilian Chamber of Design) and the Designs of The Year (Design Museum, by London), in addition to the approximately 10,000 participants in his courses and workshops and the leadership of initiatives such as "Mentores do Brazil" network and the "Parceria Biodiversidade + Inovação" (Biodiversity + Innovation Partnership).
    Partner and Director at AXONAL, Henry Suzuki acts in the construction of innovation projects and networks, with focus on the creation, protection and monetization of intellectual assets. Particularly, by training and guiding teams so that they can carry out such activities themselves.



Vera M Duch Crósta
As AXONAL’s consulting partner, Vera Crósta acts mainly on open inovation, settlement of partnerships and licensing with public institutions, technology search and evaluation, partnership negotiation, formalization and follow up, as well as questions related to the access to genetic resources.
Joel Weisz
As AXONAL’s consulting partner, Joel Weisz acts mainly in the areas of project investment, strategic analysis, identification and use of credit lines and development mechanisms for RD&I.
Antonia Cardeal

As AXONAL’s consulting partner, Antonia Cardeal acts mainly on market research, product (re)positioning, marketing planning, launching and management of (new) product lines.

Elza Durham

As AXONAL’s consulting partner, Elza Durham has as main areas of activity: Intellectual Property strategic management, including patent drafting, freedom to operate studies and management of intangible assets (trademarks, patents and biodiversity assets), mainly in the chemical-pharmaceutical field.

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